• How do I order?

Fill out the Form located:

  • How do I pay?

Prepayment is now required.  Once we've settled on what you want, when it's due, etc, you will receive an invoice. 

No order will be produced without prepayment.

Occasionally I will have overruns or make product for the heck of it :)  That will be sold on socials, and again, prepayment is required before pickup.  Thank you for your understanding with this!

  • What is your lead time?

It will vary based on what orders are in! Just ask.

  • Lets talk allergens..

All Macs contain tree nuts (almond) & egg.  Most cookies, and cakes contain coconut (you can't taste it, but it is technically a 'tree nut' allergen). Most everything is peanut-free unless the flavor involves peanut. A few different types of specialty sprinkles I use contain soy (unicorn horns and large stars). Cookies, cakes, pastries, and pie contain egg unless otherwise specified.

  • What do you have that is vegan?

Oatmeal cookies, Oatmeal cream pies, Cranberry Orange cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vicki's favorite things sammies, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, cranberry apple pie (if cranberries are in season!) truffles & breakfast cookies so far! I am always expirimenting :)

  • What is the deal with the cakes?

No fondant. It's yucky.  I am happy to be as creative as I can be within your guidelines! See the next bullet for pricing.  Flavors? Just ask! I can try anything. This is your cake and I'm happy to make it what you want.

  • What is your cake pricing?

4" Baby Cake: 1 layer of filling- $10; 2 layers of filling $15;

3 layers of filling $18.50

6" Cake: 1 layer of filling- $30; 2 layers of filling $45;

3 layers of filling $55.50

8" Cake: 1 layer of filling- $40; 2 layers of filling $60;

3 layers of filling $74.00

10" Cake: 1 layer of filling- $52; 2 layers of filling $78;

3 layers of filling $96.20

The above pricing does not include extras such as cake pops, macarons, truffle layers, etc. I am more than happy to add those to your cakes! Just ask!

  • What do you make that's also dairy-free?

Everything is now DAIRY FREE!!! Even the "M&M" cookies. HOORAY!

  • Do you Wholesale?

HECK YES I DO! Email me with questions.

  • I don't see a flavor listed that I like?

Just ask! Also, follow me on socials.  This will be the best way to stay current with flavors and things I'm doing.

  • Where is your store front?

At this time I do orders through my website & messenger for pickup at the Hoff Center.  Cocoa Bombs are available at Sugar Makery in CB, and other misc. treats are intermittently available at both Edge of the Universe in Benson & Wenday's Kitchen Boutique in CB.

  • I see your disclaimer regarding the cross contamination risk.. what the heck is up with that?

Here is the scoop! I bake out of a shared commercial kitchen meaning several folks share the space.  I pay for my own dedicated table, I am on the opposite side of the kitchen as the gluten bakers, and use my own equipment such as bowls, mixing spoons, etc. which have only ever been used for GF baking. Celiac level sensitivity has been taken into consideration and has been addressed. Please ask any questions you'd like! We've had several celiac guests enjoy our treats without issue <3

@ the Kitchen Council

1001 S. 6th St.

Council Bluffs, IA 51501

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